As consultants and executers we can help you with a great variety of challenges.
We have a ton of experience in processes, project management, innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship.


Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The world is changing everyday - FAST! Your industry is most likely being disrupted by radical new technologies and disruptive startups while you read this. We will make sure that you can follow, integrate and create innovation in your industry.

We do: Entrepreneurship training for big corporates, workshops, corporate accelerators, incubators - and much more!

Facilitation, Hackathons and Workshops

With the right design, facilitation and execution a workshop or hackathon can create magical results. We know that - because we've seen it numerous times at our events.

We do: Facilitation, hackathons, workshops, innovation camps, event design, energy boosters, and inspirational talks


Project Management, Execution and Strategy

A dream without a plan is just a wish. We have a lot of experience in creating the right plan and following it to achieve great results.

We do: Project management, stakeholder management, project execution, strategy,